Sey | Colombia La Esperanza, Huila


From our friends at Sey: 


Yellow Caturra


San Agustín, Huila


1,750 masl


June, 2019


Cherries are hand picked and left to ferment in-cherry for 12 hours. They are then pulped and fermented in oak barrels for 28 hours. Esnaider ferments in wood because it is how his grandfather used to ferment, and because its porous nature potentially supports more microbiological activity, resulting in more interesting fermentation. The coffee is then hung to dry in sacks, and left clean to ferment for another 8 hours without mucilage. The parchment is then dried for 34 – 40 days.


We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Esnaider and his family. Their dedication to innovation in the production of high quality coffee is truly inspiring. We're very excited to see the progression of their coffees in the coming years. This cup is sweetness driven, with ripe cherry, soft and balanced acidity, and a cocoa finish.


This is our first year working with Esnaider Ortega and his family. This 100% Yellow Caturra lot is grown, harvested, and processed with extreme care and attention to detail. It is an honor to work with this family, and we are proud to have the opportunity to roast and present their coffees.

“I am a fourth generation coffee producer. I am convinced that working with specialty coffee is the solution for the difficulty in Colombia since the quality of our coffee is reflected in a better quality of life. My family and I are a team, and we have been working with passion and dedication for more than 12 years to continue improving our quality.”

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