Subtext Coffee Roasters | Honduras Piedras Amarillas


Deep Cola sweetness with a hint of raspberry and chocolate, this expertly produced washed Honduran from Mario Moreno is everything we love about coffee from Santa Barbara. 


Country   Honduras
Region Santa Barbara

Producer     Mario Moreno, Piedras Amarillas Farm
Variety  100% Pacas
Altitude  1650 masl
Process Dry fermented for 24 hours then washed 4 times. Dried 1 day on raised beds, then moved to a shaded solar drier for 10-15 days. 



From our friends at CCS: 

This farm is cooperatively managed by Mario Moreno and his brothers, Danny and Mabel. Mario Moreno is a a third generation coffee grower, son of Daniel Moreno, and a member of the large Moreno family of producers. He purchased the initial part of his farm in 2008, and inherited the remainder in 2009.

It takes a unique kind of person to come from a humble background — as the Morenos have — and make coffee cultivation a sustainable business for your family. It is not typically smallholder producers with family histories of small-scale agriculture that are the most successful coffee farmers and this is because it is incredibly challenging to first, consistently cultivate and produce the highest quality coffee and have access to a loyal customer base, and then on top of this, have the education and knowledge to speak quality at the same level as the buyer.

The Morenos are in this special category of coffee producer and as with any other success story, their sustained top position requires a mixture of ambition, long-term planning, understanding what their market is looking for, and constant reevaluation and tweaking of agronomic, harvesting and processing techniques.

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