Ancelmo Caldon

The Caldon's coffee, a competitor in the 2021 Copa Occidente competition, punches above its weight, delivering some of our favourite flavours of keylime, goldenberry, and shortbread - an exquisite expression of the terroir of La Plata.

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La Vega


Producer     Ancelmo Caldon

Farm             La Vega

Region         La Plata, Huila

Varieties       V. Colombia

Process         Washed

Altitude         1750 masl

Importer       Osito


Ancelmo Caldon

In November of 2021, we were down helping Osito, one of our importing partners, judge a regional producers competition: La Copa Occidente. Ancelmo's coffee was one of the semi-finalists.

Ancelmo and his partner Nelly have grown coffee on their farm, La Vega, for 35 years. They are now part of a growers group called Martir, headed by Didier Pajoy. The group's resource and knowledge sharing has resulted in an incredible showing of coffees across producers in La Plata.



Of the many growing regions in Colombia, the mountainous department of Huila in the south west of the country grows the most coffee. Huila enjoys a wide diversity of micro-climates, temperatures, altitudes and coffee varieties. In fact, coffee is grown in 35 of Huila's 37 municipalities. All of this means that the coffee coming out of this region is as diverse as the variables that influence its production.

V. Colombia

​​Caturra's susceptibilty to rust led to efforts by the Colombian coffee research institute, Cenicafé, to cross Caturra with Timor Hybrids to generate rust resistance. The result vas Variedad Colombia, which was largely successful for a time, remains popular despite leaf-rust mutations overtaking its resistance.


Ancelmo starts processing with a 24 hour in cherry ferment prior to washing. The coffee is then dried on raised drying beds.




FOB Pricing

What's this?

FOB: "Freight on board," usually the price paid to the coffee exporter for coffee ready to ship. This includes price paid to the producer as well as milling, warehousing and transportation costs plus any intermediaries' fees and export costs.

Farmgate: the price paid by the exporter or other buyer to the producer or producer organization.

9.04 USD per kg

Lot Size

Total lot size 2,550kg. Subtext purchased 280kg

Relationship Length

This is the fourth year that Osito has worked with Ancelmo, and the first year that Subtext has purchased his coffee. We met Ancelmo in the fall of 2021, on his farm, La Vega.


Subtext cupping score of 87

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