From Antioquia, Colombia...

A stunning washed Chiroso from Albeiro's farm El Roble in Antioquia, this micro-lot took 3rd place at our importing partner's Antioquia Magico competition. In the cup we find articulate watermelon, white cherry and florals.

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El Roble


Producer     Albeiro de Jesus Ramirez Aguirre  

Farm           El Roble

Region         Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia

Varieties     Chiroso

Process       Washed

Altitude       1980 masl

Importer     The Coffee Quest


El Roble

Finca El Roble, sitting at an elevation of approximately 1,980 masl located in Urrao, Antioquia is owned and operated by Albeiro de Jesus Ramirez Aguirre. Albeiro purchased El Roble in 2015, but he is not new to farming. Coffee production is a family tradition and he remembers being around coffee since he was 7 years old. Since taking over the farm, Albeiro has put a lot work into renovating the farm. Albeiro planted 6,200 trees which are currently producing and has also planted1,400 newer trees. In addition to coffee, he and his wife produce avocados, plantains, and bananas. El Roble’s submission to Quest's Antioquia Magico contest earned 3rd place.


Boasting altitudes of up to 2,200 masl, Antioquia is a region well suited to coffee growing, but has gone relatively unrecognised in the international specialty market. This has begun to change in recent years, with the growth in populartity of the Chiroso variety, which is grown almost exclusively in Antioquia.


Chiroso is a relatively "new" variety, having come to prominence after Carmen Montoya won the Cup of Excellence in 2014 with it. The variety has grown in popularity, and is grown primarily in Antioquia. Often referred to as Caturra Chiroso, it has actually been identified as an Ethiopian Landrace variety. Some of the best expressions of the variety show beautiful florality and crisp acidity.


48 hour in-cherry fermentation, followed by 72 hour fermentation with the mucilage. Then the coffee is fully washed and sun dried.



The Coffee Quest

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$7.22 USD per lb

Lot Size

Lot size of 245kg. Subtext purchases 70kg.

Relationship Length

This is the first year that Quest has worked with Albeiro, and the first year that we have purchased his coffee.


Subtext cupping score of 87.75