Fabian's honey processed Caturra returns to the menu again this year, marking our first release of the season from Nariño. In the cup we find strawberry, white grape and bosc pear.

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Fabian Urbano


Producer     Fabian Urbano

Farm           El Yunguillo

Region         Aponte, Nariño

Varieties     Caturra

Process       Honey

Altitude         2100 masl

Importer     Shared Source


Fabian Urbano

This honey lot comes from Fabian Urbano’s 4 hectare farm El Yunguillo, located in the indigenous reservation of Aponte, near Buesaco- it’s a farm that his wife Adriana inherited from her mother, and together Fabian and Adriana have been producing coffee here for eight years. Many producers in Aponte are part of the Inga community, an indigenous group that was once a part of the northern Incan Empire before the arrival of the Spanish. The region’s high elevation and cool micro-climate allows cherries to ripen slowly, concentrating their sweetness. However, the town of Aponte is located almost entirely on top of a seismic fault, and it has suffered significantly. Fabian and Adriana’s home in Aponte has been damaged by earthquakes, and they’ve had to make their home in Buesaco.

Aponte, Nariño

Nariño is characterized by steep slopes, and extremely high altitudes as well as a unique climate. Warm, humid air makes its way up from the valleys during the evening hours, allowing for coffee to be grown at higher altitudes than in the rest of Colombia, without risk of frost. Producers in Nariño tend to be small, the volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and is well-drained.

Aponte, is an indigenous town located near Buecaso in Nariño. Aponte is located directly on top of a seismic fault and as such, has suffered significantly from earthquake over the years.


A natural mutation of Bourbon, originally discovered in Brazil in the early 20th century; Caturra derives its name from the Guarani word for “small,” a reference to its diminutive stature that results from a single-gene mutation causing dwarfism. It was this small size- allowing for more trees to be planted closer together- that led to mass selections of Caturra being made by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas in the 1930’s. Caturra then made its way to Guatemala during the 1940’s and then was widely adopted in the 1970’s by the rest of Central America, where it is now one of the most economically important varieties. At high altitudes Caturra has strong quality and yield potential but unfortunately, is quite susceptible to disease.


With the help of a few hired pickers on the farm, Fabian is careful to ensure that cherries are picked when they are perfectly ripe. After picking, the coffee is left for an intentional “cherry ferment” period for 48 hours in a cool location, where fermentation begins inside the cherry.Then, he de-pulps the coffee into an open tank, leaving some of the mucilage on the coffee-he can recognize when the mucilage has fermented a bit and partially loosened from theparchment. From there, he takes the parchment to a parabolic dryer with a screened roofthat filters light gently, and there’s good ventilation to allow for slow and even drying.



Shared Source - Shared Source exports from Colombia and Guatemala and imports into the US. They are farmgate purchasers,
paying in-full directly to producers or their independent associations, upon delivery of parchment, in local currency.

Farmgate Pricing

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2,900,000 pesos per carga (125kg) - approx 2.19 USD per kg

Lot Size

Total lot size of 202kg in parchment. Subtext purchased 120kg.

Relationship Length

This is the sixth year that Shared Source has worked with Fabian, and the second year that Subtext has sourced his coffee.


Subtext cupping score of 86.5