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Producer     Richard Granda & Marlon Quevedo

Farm             La Reserva

Region         Palanda, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Harvest        Summer-Fall 2023

Varieties      Sidra

Process       Washed

Altitude        1,500-1,600 masl

Importer     The Coffee Quest



Producer Profile

Finca La Reserva is located in the Zamora Chinchipe Province in Ecuador, and is run by associates Richard Granda and Marlon Quevedo. The farm sits at an elevation of 1,500-1,600 masl and consists of 23 hectares in total, with 14 of those hectares planted with exciting varieties such as Sidra, Mejorado, and Gesha. Richard and Marlon started their coffee venture together four years ago, immediately focusing on highly sought-after varieties. The pair have a strict quality focus and pay close attention to processing. The results of their focus and dedication are made immediately evident when you taste their Sidra. It is floral, deeply sweet, and reminds us of fig and blueberry.



Zamora Chinchipe, located in Southern Ecuador to the East of Loja is characterized by high altitudes, rich biodiversity, and woodlands. The harvest here runs from March through October, peaking in August.


Sidra, or Bourbon Sidra as it is frequently called, was created by cross-breeding bourbon and typica. The result is a variety that has quickly gained prominence and spread across Ecuador due its potential for extremely high cup quality. Genetic testing done by World Coffee Research classifies Sidra as an Ethiopian Landrace Variety. There is some indication that there is more than one genetically distinct variety being called Sidra in Ecuador. Sidra is famed for its floral structure, deep sweetness and prominent acidity.


Richard & Marlon start with careful selection of the cherries and a 48 hour dry fermentation prior to de-pulping. Then, the coffee is fermented for an additional 24 hours after the cherry has been de-pulped. The coffee is then moved to raised drying beds for 20-28 days.



The Coffee Quest


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$5.90 USD per lb


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Total lot size of 350 kg. Subtext purchased 200 kg.


This is both the first year that Quest has worked with Richard & Marlon and the first year we have purchased their coffee.


Subtext cupping score of 86.5