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La Cabra | Burundi Heza PB, Washed Bourbon

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    From our friends at La Cabra: 

    A rich and intense, yet fresh washed peaberry selection from Long Miles’ Heza washing station
    • After a difficult harvest in 2019, Long Miles had a much better harvest in 2020, but not without its difficulties.
    • This lot is a washed peaberry selection made up of cherry from the Nkonge, Gitwe and Mutana hills.
    • This peaberry selection results in a rich and intense cup, while maintaining the typical Burundian currant notes.
    • Look for: Redcurrant, Molasses and Dark Chocolate

    Technical Data

    Producer Heza Farmers
    Region Kayanza
    Altitude 2000 masl
    Varietal Bourbon
    Process Washed
    Harvest May 2020

     About the Coffee

    This is a washed peaberry selection from the Heza Station. Sorting peaberries from a specific hill would result in a lot size that is far too small, so this lot is made up of cherries harvested on the Nkonge, Gitwe and Mutana hills. Heza uses a similar double fermentation process to that employed in Kenya, where the cherries are first depulped and fermented without water for around 12 hours, before water is added and the coffee is soaked for a further 12 hours. After this, the coffee is ‘footed’ to wash away the sticky mucilage layer attached to the outside of the coffee seed. This involves the workers stomping on the coffee in the tanks for 15-20 minutes while singing traditional Burundian songs, before the coffee is moved to washing channels to be rinsed in clean water, and graded for density before travelling to the drying tables. Coffee is then dried slowly on raised beds, aiming to reach a moisture level of 10.5% in 20-30 days. In this lot this leads to typical Burundian fresh currant character, but is rather richer and more intense than the standard screen size sortings.