Elegant, complex, and incredibly floral, this stunning natural from the famed Gesha Village Estate is a knockout. In the cup, we find rose water, orange blossom, strawberry and stone fruit.

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Gesha Village


Producers   Rachel Samuel & Adam Overton

Farm             Gesha Village - Surma Block

Region         Bench Maji, West Omo

Varieties       Gesha 1931

Process       Natural

Altitude       1909-2063

Importer       Forward Coffee


Gesha Village

Gesha Village is a coffee estate in Bench Maji, Ethiopia near the village of Gesha, the birthplace of the famous, highly sought-after Gesha variety. Owned by Rachel Samuel, Adam Overton, and Willem Boot, the farm was established with the goal of producing world-class Gesha near the Gori Gesha forest from which the variety was first discovered. Indeed, Gesha Village has become on of the most cherished coffee farms in world.

Seeds were collected from the forest, and through genetic testing, this location has been identified to be the collection site of Panamanian Geisha. The farm is divided into eight different blocks and planted with two Gehsa varieties collected from the forest — Gori Gesha and Gesha 1931— along with the Illubabor forest cultivar from the research centre in Ethiopia. The farm is planted using a mixed system of agroforestry, using mostly natural forest shade amongst diverse flora.


Bench Maji

Bench Maji lies in Western Ethiopia, very close to the South Sudanese border. High elevations, plentiful rainfall, temperate climates all come together to create the ideal environment for the production of excellent coffee. This region is home to Gori Gesha forest, the birthplace of the Gesha variety.

Gesha 1931

This is a selection made from the diverse forest population that closely resembles the Panamanian Geisha. The selection was made by looking at the plant morphology, bean shape and size, as well as its cup profile.


Sun dried on raised beds for 28 days.



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