Loud and funky, this yeast incoluated natural Red Bourbon from Kibingo CWS in Kayanza, Burundi explodes with notes of grilled pineapple, yuzu, and grape jelly.

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Producer     Smallholders from Kayanza

Station         Kibingo CWS

Region         Kayanza, Burundi

Varieties     Red Bourbon

Process       Yeast Inoculated Natural

Altitude       1,700-1,900 masl

Importer     CCS



Kibingo Central Washing Station, located in the commune of Kayanza serves 3, 515 coffee producers spread over 18 hills. The station is equipped with ten fermentation tanks, two soaking tanks and a drying field with 165 dryig tables. The station also serves its farmers with organic fertilizer made from composted coffee pulp. Producers can also purchase low-cost, subsidized coffee seedlings from Kibingo. The grand majority -approximatly 70% - of the coffee produced in Burundi is washed. This lot, however, was experimentally processed. It is a natural that underwent an initial fermentation phase that included the addition of intenso yeast, making it a unique offering from a country dominated by washed coffee.


The most well-known of Burundi's coffee growing regions, Kayanza has mild weather and relatively cool temperatures. Coffees from the highlands of Kayanza benefit from rich, volcanic soils and of course, high elevations.

Red Bourbon

Bourbon takes its name from Bourbon Island (now La Réunion), where it was introduced by French missionaries who had taken a few coffee seeds from Yemen in the 1700s. Along with Typica, Bourbon accounts for the basis of most of the world's coffee production today which is made up of Bourbon and Typica descendant varieties. Bourbon is known for its high-quality potential, susceptibility to disease and relatively low yields.

Yeast Natural

This coffee underwent an initial phase of fermentation in which the tank was inoculated with yeast before the coffee was laid out to dry on raised beds.




Farmgate Pricing

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FOB: "Freight on board," usually the price paid to the coffee exporter for coffee ready to ship. This includes price paid to the producer as well as milling, warehousing and transportation costs plus any intermediaries' fees and export costs.

Farmgate: the price paid by the exporter or other buyer to the producer or producer organization.

1.99 USD per lb of cherry

FOB Pricing

3.20 USD per lb

Lot Size

Total lot size of 900kg, Subtext purchased 60kg.

Relationship Length

This is the eighth year CCS has worked with Kibingo CWS, and the second year that Subtext has purchased coffee from Kibingo.


Subtext cupping score of 86