Packt: reusable packaging pre-launch

Sustainably packed coffee. This is Packt.

We are deeply thankful to everyone who agreed to participate in the Packt testing phase. We're so excited to share this initiative with the world, but before that, we need your help to get there.
Packt is a Toronto-based social venture working to address the disposable packaging crisis. We've been working intimately with the Packt team to launch one of the first programs to deliver high-quality specialty coffee without waste.
These reusable bags allow anyone in the Toronto area to order uncompromisingly great coffee with a clear conscience, eliminating the need for single-use packaging.

Packt is launching through Subtext and Boxcar —we've signed up to do the difficult work of getting a novel program off the ground. Packt's ambitions, however, are much grander, towards a vision of partners across the city, province, and hopefully beyond, participating to eliminate various waste points within the food and beverage industry.

How it works



Sign-up for a Packt account by clicking the button below or heading to

We'll then send you a 100% off discount code for 1 bag of waste-free Subtext coffee.



By noon Tuesday October 12th, select any 250g bag of Subtext coffee on the Subtext website and proceed to checkout.

Choose any available pick-up location from the list*. For now, it will be pick-up only**. Make sure that the location is accessible for you. We will be roasting the order on Wednesday and ensuring orders are ready for pickup by Friday afternoon on October 15th.  Please try to pickup your bag by Monday October 17th.

*pickup locations for the beta test will be Subtext Roastery, Boxcar Summerhill, and Boxcar Riverside

**Carts containing other products in addition to Packt bags will only be eligible for pick-up at Subtext.



Packt reusables will be rentable for 28 days, however, we will be condensing this period for the testing phase to 14 days.

Bags can be returned to any participating location. Simply drop the bag in the bin located at each shop, scan the QR-code, and fill out the short return form.


Share & Repeat

During the beta-testing period, we will send you a questionnaire to get feedback on your experience. We are seeking feedback on both the user experience and rental process, all with the goal of creating a program that is easy, functional, feels high quality, and that people will want to use.  

Being one of the first of its kind, this program will be constantly evolving. Your feedback will be invaluable to help set our immediate, short, and long term goals.  

Not too long after, we will fully launch the program and you can continue to enjoy your coffee in Packt waste-free bags.

A Few More Product Details...


Packt bags are handmade in Quebec with a biodegradable cotton-hemp blend exterior, and a food grade lining, which keeps your purchase safe and fresh.

When bags have run their course and can no longer serve their purpose, they will be recycled with TerraCycle.



Packt products are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility in accordance with health and safety regulations.

We are proud to be using eco friendly detergents and sanitizers made in Canada and available in bulk, package-free.