Buncho is the first honey processed coffee from Ethiopia that we have worked with at Subtext. It is a stunningly clean and complex filter coffee, presenting notes of nectarine, and strawberry complimented by pristine florals and a persistent candy-like sweetness.

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Producer       Shantawene Buncho Washing Station

Region           Shantawene, Sidama, Ethiopia

Varieties       74158

Process         Honey

Altitude         1920-2020 masl



The Shantawene Buncho washing station, which is owned and operated by Asefa Dukamo of Daye Bensa, sits adjacent to Gatta farm and is set against the backdrop of a beautiful waterfall. The station sources cherry from Gatta farm as well as out-growers in Bombe, and the villages of Shantawene and Keramo. Gatta itself is certified organic, planted with various species of shade trees, and is fed by clean water from the river.

Bensa, Sidama

Woreda Bensa is located in the famous Sidama Zone, and enjoys altitudes ranging from 1,800-2,200 masl. These elevations lead to slow cherry maturation, markedly high bean density, and as such, deeply complex flavour profiles.


74158 is one six selections that were approved for release by in 1974 as part of a CBD-resistance (Coffee Berry Disease) selection program. During the 1970's, researchers from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre searched the forests in the Illuababora zone for CBD-resistant mother trees. Today 74158 is heavily propagated in South Western Ethiopia, and is one of two dominant varieties in Bensa, along with 74112.


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