Lot 6, from Chelbesa station is a pristine representation of washed coffees from Gedeb. In the cup we find clean, crisp stone fruit along with notes of forest berry, lime, and fragrant jasmine.

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Producer     Chelbesa Station

Region           Gedeb, Ethiopia

Varieties       JARC Selections & Local Landraces

Process         Washed

Altitude         1900-2200 masl



Sharing its name with the village it is located in, The Worka Chelbesa washing station is supported by 486 smallholder farms that grow their coffee in semi-forest conditions or in coffee gardens on their own property. SNAP, the exporting company that owns the station, sources from these smallholders exclusively, providing excellent, state of the art processing. As a company, is heavily committed to specialty coffee, investing substantially in the education and training of processing and cleaning methods for their smallholder partners.

This particular washed lot from Chelbesa; Lot #6 is made up of JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Centre) selections and local landraces. It is the first washed Ethiopian coffee we tasted this year that we really loved.


Located in the south of Gedeo, Gedeb is one of the many woredas (districts) in the Gedeo Zone. Up until recently, all coffees from the Gedeo Zone were marketed under the moniker of Yirgacheffe, the most famous woreda in the wider region. The opening up, and increasing transparency of coffee trade in Ethiopia allows for increasingly micro levels of regional representation and lot separation.

JARC Selections + Local Landraces

JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Centre) varieties refer to selected local landraces that are adapted to specific regional agroecologies. Much of the research and selection performed by JARC relies on coffee collected from smallholder coffee gardens due to the vast diversity of local landraces possesed by these small farms.


Fully washed and dried on raised beds for 15 days.

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