These washed process Ethiopian Landrace varieties from the Bona Qiqe Washing Station are a true delight on the cupping table. Elala has a finely tuned structure, showing plenty of bergamot, lemon tea and watermelon in the cup.

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Producer       Bona Qiqe Washing Station

Region           Sidama, Ethiopia

Varieties       74158 & 74112

Process         Washed

Altitude         1920-2330 masl



Elala is the name of this specific lot produced by the Bona Qiqe Washing Station in Bona Zuria, Sidama. The name Elala, means “mountain” in Sidama language and refers to the astoundingly high elevations this coffee is grown at. While the station itself sits at 2,200 masl, farmers deliver cherries from their plots that are located at elevations between 1,920 and 2,330 masl. These high elevations lead to a somewhat later harvest period, running from November to January. Bona Qiqe is supplied with cherry by about 400 smallholder farmers, and the station itself contracts 100 employees during harvest season. This is the first year that our importing partner, Quest, has worked with Bona Qiqe, and the initial results are very promising.

Bona Zuria, Sidama

Located in Southern Ethiopia in the Sidama region, the Bona Zuria district one of 30 districts in the region. With an average altitude of 2,200 masl, Bona Zuria is one of the highest coffee growing areas in Ethiopia. Up until recently, coffees from Bona Zuria were lumped together with other coffees from the wider region and exported under the banner of Sidama coffee. Recognition of the high quality coming out of the district, and increased transparency has led to more of these coffees coming to us labelled more specifically as Bona Sidama or Bona Zuria.

Local Landraces

74112 and 74158 are two out of six selections that were approved for release by in 1974 as part of a CBD-resistance (Coffee Berry Disease) selection program. During the 1970's, researchers from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre searched the forests in the Illuababora zone for CBD-resistant mother trees. Today both of these varieties are heavily propagated, with 74158 recommended for planting in Southwestern Ethiopia, while 74112 has been widely distributed across most growing regions in the country.


Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

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