Mensur Abahika

Our first single producer offering from Ethiopia is a beautiful naturally processed coffee from Mensur Abahika in Jimma. So clean it could be mistaken for a washed coffee, Mensur's coffee is also very sweet with dominant tropical fruit punch up front complimented by gentle citrus acidity and berry on the finish.

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Mensur Abahika


Producer       Mensur Abahika

Region         Kota, Gera, Jimma

Varieties       JARC 74110 & 74112

Process         Natural

Altitude          2000 masl


Mensur Abahika

This coffee from Mensur Abahika is our first single producer coffee from Ethiopia! In fact, Mensur was the first single producer that our importing partner Osito ever purchased from in Ethiopia as well. It has only been possible for producers to export their own coffee in Ethiopia for the last few years since the ECX (Ethiopian Coffee Exchange) was liberalized by the government.

Mensur farms 18 hectares of land in Kota, Gera and according to Osito, is at the forefront of the exciting changes to Ethiopia’s coffee history. Historically, Jimma has not been known for high-quality naturals. However, Mensur is changing that conception through stringent quality control and proper care in processing. His naturals are super sweet and clean, and as is the case with this particular lot, could easily be mistaken as a washed coffee.


Jimma is located in Southwestern Ethiopia, just north of the world-famous Yirgacheffe region. Jimma is home to the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC), the organization which has been responsible for much of the work done in Ethiopia to identify and propagate disease resistant varieties across the country. Traditionally, coffee from Jimma has been referred to as Limmu and categorized by the ECX as either Limmu A or Illuababora B, depending on where in the region they originate from. Since Mensur’s farm is located in Woreda Gera, his coffees would have been considered Limmu A. 

JARC 74110 & 74112

74112 is one of six selections that were approved for release in 1974 as part of a CBD-resistance (Coffee Berry Disease) selection program. During the 1970's, researchers from the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre searched the forests in the Illuababora zone for CBD-resistant mother trees. Today 74112 has been widely distributed across most growing regions in the country.

Short and compact with small leaves, cherries, and beans; Gibirinna 74110 is one of the most planted varieties in Ethiopia. The mother tree of this variety was selected in 1974 by JARC in the Metu province for its CBD resistance. After research and development by JARC, it was released in 1979 and recommended for planting in the altitude range of 1,500-2,100 masl.


Dried on raised beds for 15 days, where the cherry is turned over regularly and carefully sorted for defects.

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