This delicious natural from the hamlet of Rogicha is chalk full of strawberry and cherry with bright citrus undertones and hints of sweet, warm spice.

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Station         Tamrat Alemayehu

Region         Rogicha, Kercha, Guji

Varieties       Dega & Wolisho

Process         Natural

Altitude         1900-2200 masl



This naturally processed selection of local Dega and Wolisho varieties comes to us by way of the Tamrat Alemayehu dry mill and washing station, located in the hamlet of Rogicha in the district of Kercha, Guji. The dry mill, which shares its name with its owner Tamrat who was born and raised in the area, is directly supplied with coffee cherry from local smallholder farmers. This is the second year in a row we have sourced coffee from Rogicha, and this year we have selected it specifically for espresso.

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