Strawberry, mango and papaya create a lovely harmony that is accentuated by delicate florals in this impeccably clean natural from Ture Waji and Sookoo coffee in Shakisso, Guji.

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Producer     Ture Waji - Okoluu Farmers Group

Region         Shaakkiso, Guji, Ethiopia

Varieties       Gibirinna 74110

Process         Natural

Altitude         2180 masl



Suku washing station is owned and operated by Ture Waji, who is well respected in the industry for his stellar reputation and knowledge when it comes to production, processing and horticulture. Ture has been working in coffee for many years across different companies and learned much about production and processing from his grandfather who was a talented producer from West Guji. This is the first year of operation for Ture’s company Sookoo Coffee, and his coffees do not disappoint, in fact, this is the second coffee we are releasing this year from Suku drying station.

Cherries were picked from around the forest of Dambi Uddo Kebele, a small village in Shakisso, Guji. The prices paid by Suku in the region for coffee cherry are among the highest to help guarantee quality and sustainability for local coffee farmers. Ture’s company works directly with local farmers to provide training in farm management and harvesting. Suku has strict evaluation and processing protocols onsite. After processing at Suku, coffee is sent to Addis Ababa for further dry-milling. Here, the coffee goes through a process of hand sorting, optical laser sorting, and gravity density sorting, all of which contribute to the extreme clarity and high quality of Ture’s naturals.



This famous coffee growing region is known for its rich, volcanic soil. High altitudes, bi-modal rainfall patterns and dry weather allow coffee to develop slowly and consistently here.

Gibirinna 74110

Short and compact with small leaves, cherries, and beans; Gibirinna 74110 is one of the most planted varieties in Ethiopia. The mother tree of this variety was selected in 1974 by JARC (Jimma Agricultural Recearch Centre) in the Metu province for its CBD resistance. After research and development by JARC, it was released in 1979 and recommended for planting in the altitude range of 1,500-2,100 masl.


Dried on raised beds for 14-21 days. Cherries are rotated 5 to 6 times per day and covered during the evening to protect them from the elements.


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