We have been buying coffee from the Moreno family in Santa Barbara since the first days of Subtext. This season, we are featuring an excellent honey processed Pacas from Miguel's farm La Orquidea. In the cup we find cassis, lemonade and tamarind.

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Miguel Moreno


Producer     Miguel Moreno

Farm             La Orquidea

Region         El Cedral, Santa Barbara

Varieties     Pacas

Process       Honey

Altitude       1600 masl

Importer     CCS


Miguel Moreno

Miguel is the eldest brother in the Moreno family and the driving force behind the family’s movement to specialty coffee. He has owned La Orquidea since 2014 and planted his first tree there in 2015. For years, Miguel and his family struggled to make a living as producers. In fact, Miguel spent time in the US as an undocumented worker to keep food on the table for his family in El Cedral. All of that changed in 2005 when Miguel took 18th place in the Cup of Excellence. From that point on, Miguel and the family have continually invested their winnings back into their farms and infrastructure for processing and drying. Indeed, the Morenos have gone on to many COE wins since 2005. The family has continued to evolve, with the younger generation taking on more responsibility over coffee production, with Miguel remaining at the helm.

Santa Barbara

The region of Santa Barbara, in North West of Honduras procudes exceptional coffee and it is one of our favourite regions at Subtext. Pacas is the dominant variety grown in the area, with smaller quantities of Bourbon, Paraneima, Catuai and Pacamara grown as well. Growing and processing coffee can be challenging here; combinations of cold temperatures and rainfall can cause cherries to not ripen and leaves to die on the tree. The humidity makes investment in precisesly controlled processing and drying a necessity in order to produce high quality coffee.


Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon, with a single-gene mutation that causes dwarfism. Like other dwarf varieties, this allows for potentially higher yields since the trees can be planted at a higher density.​​ With strong quality potential at high altitudes, Pacas is, unfortunately, highly susceptible to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease.





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$3.50 USD pe rlb

FOB Pricing

$4.25 USD per lb

Lot Size

Total lot size of 11 bags. Subtext purchased 2 bags.

Relationship Length

CCS has been working with Miguel and the Morenos for more than 15 years. This is the 3rd year Subtext has purchased coffees from the Morenos and the first year we've bought Miguel's lot specifically.


Subtext cupping score of 86.25