Luis Alberto

Yellow Maracaturra


This naturally processed Yellow Maractaurra from Luis Alberto is full of almond, dark chocolate, amaro and golden raisin notes, making a perfect marriage of flavours for a comforting espresso that serves as a perfect base for milk drinks.

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Luis Alberto


Producer       Finca La Bendicion

Region           Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Varieties       Maracaturra

Process         Natural

Altitude         1300 masl


Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto has a long history of growing and processing exceptional coffees in Northern Nicaragua. Over the years he has competed in, and won the Cup of Excellence on multiple occasions. Luis owns and operates a number of farms and processes his coffee at his own mill, Benificias Las Segovias. His farm, Finca La Bendicion is located in the Dipilito-Jalapa mountain range in Nueva Segovia. Here, he grows about 105 acres of coffee. The farm has loose sandy soil, good annual rainfall and an environment rich in biodiversity with an abundance of broad-leaved trees and conifer species. This beautiful environment allows for excellent coffee-growing conditions.

Nueva Segovia

Nueva Segovia is one of only five coffee growing regions in Nicaragua, all of which are located close together in the northern reaches of the country. Neuva Segovia enjoys relatively high altitudes for Nicaragua, which help insulate it from the suboptimal weather and heat that predominate in the country's lower altitude regions.


A hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra thought to have occurred naturally in the 1800’s, this variety is known for high cup quality, large seed size, short stature and high productivity. Unfortunately, Maractaurra is quite susceptible to Coffee Leaf Rust and therefore requires very careful management.


Dried on raised beds for 30-35 days while carefully monitoring humidity and temperature.

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