Raul Sanchez
Honey Espresso

This field blend from the lesser known Guatemalan growing region of New Oriente tastes like hazelnut, milk chocolate, and honey, balanced by pear notes and a gentle acidity.

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Raul Sanchez


Farm             Lomas Altas

Region           Jalapa, New Oriente, Guatemala

Varieties       Caturra, Pache San Ramon

Process         Honey

Altitude         1500-1600 masl


Finca Lomas Altas

Raul Sanchez grows Caturra and Pache San Ramon trees on his farm, Finca Lomas Altas in Jalapa, New Oriente. Water tends to be scarce in Jalapa, so Raul delivers his cherries to our importing partner, Primavera, the same day they are picked. Raul also works with producer organization Del Paraiso, which focuses on strengthening the community by finding specialty partners like Primavera, who are committed to paying fair prices for coffee in Jalapa.

New Oriente

New Oriente is the easternmost coffee producing region in Guatemala, and also its newest, with initial plantings taking place about 70 years ago. The Chiquimula department, near the borders with El Salvador and Honduras is the centre of coffee production in New Oriente. The region is situated on an inactive volcanic range where the climate is rainy, and temperate, and the soils are rich, and balanced in minerals.


Originally discovered in Santa Rosa, Guatemala in 1949, Pache is a natural mutation of Typica with a single gene that causes dwarfism, allowing it to be planted in greater density and achieve higher yields. With good quality potential at high altitude, Pache is unfortunately highly susceptible to Coffee Leaf Rust, CBD, and Nematodes.


Honey, cherries are fermented in clean, sealed bags for 24 hours. Then, they are depulped and transferred to raised beds for drying. They are slowly sundried and turned over three times each morning and each afternoon. This lot was dried in the sun for 13 days in order to reach suitable moisture content for export.

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