Standart Magazine is one of the premiere specialty coffee publications in the world.  We're featuring issue 19, the latest issue, fresh off the press.   

 From our friends at STANDART: 

Standart Issue 19

Summer 2020: Walls, noses, and coffee


01 / 

The Metric System

02 / 

Walls of Jericho

03 / 

City Profile: Munich

04 / 

Neurodiversity in Coffee

05 / 

Wild About Wush Wush

06 / 

Country of Origin: Peru



In Standart Issue 19, you'll read a report of the hard-hitting realities producers face on the ground in Peru; more myth-busting madness from former World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies; and take a behind-the-scenes look at a brand new ‘metric’ cupping protocol developed by the folks at Barista Hustle.


You'll witness a veritable love story between one coffee supergeek and a rare Colombian varietal. Our long-form article this issue is a heavily researched and devotedly wrought exploration of how neurodivergent conditions affect people in the coffee industry

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