Packt - Reusable Packaging

Sustainably packed coffee. This is Packt.

Packt is a Toronto-based social venture working to address the disposable packaging crisis. We've been working intimately with the Packt team to launch one of the first programs to deliver high quality specialty coffee without the waste.
These reusable bags allow anyone in the Toronto area to order amazing coffee with a clear conscience, eliminating the need for single-use packaging.

How it works



Sign-up for a Packt account at You can also order without signing up! A notification to signup will be sent automatically.



Select "Packt" as an option for any 250g bag of Subtext coffee.

We'll package the coffee you order in a reusable bag on the next roast date and cover the 75 cent rental fee, so no extra cost.  



Packt reusables are rented for 28 days. Just be sure to return to any participating location on time. Simply drop the bag in the bin and send a text or e-mail.



Feel good that your next bag of coffee has all the flavour and none of the waste.

Subtext and Packt

There is no separating coffee from sustainability. Despite a concerted historical effort to obscure the fact, coffee is an agricultural product, the success of which is directly dependant on ecological health.  


For a product that necessarily travels such a distance, it's incumbent on roasters and cafes to participate in reducing coffee's footprint. Packt is one of many initiatives to catch waste points in the coffee supply chain and imagine a better way.  


Our industry increasingly suggests that better coffee should be delivered in more disposable packaging. We want to challenge that narrative.


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Product Details


Packt bags are handmade in Quebec with a biodegradable cotton-hemp blend exterior, and a food grade lining, which keeps your purchase safe and fresh.

When bags have run their course and can no longer serve their purpose, they will be recycled with TerraCycle.



Packt products are washed and sanitized in a commercial facility in accordance with health and safety regulation.

We are proud to be using detergents and sanitizers made in Canada and available in bulk, package-free.