Most coffee growing regions have one or two harvests a year. Since those harvests don't necerssarily happen at the exact same time, not many people notice the seasonal representation of coffees throughout the year as many regions are concurrently "in season". Through the months between February and May, however, late harvest coffees from the previous year finish up and fresh harvests coffee from places like Guatemala and Ethiopia can still be a month or two away.  

Enter Colombia where the range of latitudes combine with diverse microclimates and multiple harvests, meaning it is a country you can potentially get fresh coffee from year 'round. This month we have a range of flavours coming from different regional, varietal, and processing expressions. With flavours ranging from currants and tea to stewed stone fruit and root beer, we hope these coffees do justice in showing Colombia as one of the most diverse and exciting producing countries.

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Having fancy coffee equipment at the roastery is great, but we think it's also important to taste our coffee the way it will be brewed at home. For that reason, we test each subscription coffee on a home brew setup, grinding on a Baratza Encore* and brewing with a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and a Ratio drip brewer. Below are the recipes we've found as a result: simply click through to see different brew recipe cards for each coffee.   

*All grinders end up being calibrated slightly differently so that even the same grinder model, unit to unit, will have discrepencies. Use these grinds as a guide so that if you are able to dial in one of the coffees, the others will be a breeze.

We choose 3 of our favourite seasonal coffees for filter subscriptions and
1 of our favourite coffees for our espresso subscriptions each month

You choose two to six 250g bags to be sent to you
at the beginning of each month

You get:

In depth takes on the people and places behind each offering
The best coffee of the season
A discounted price on our coffee
Coffee specific home brew recipes



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We've moved to a different subscription model in order to deliver more value to our subscriptions. By choosing three coffees every month, we can ensure that we can deliver the best coffees in our portfolio to subscribers while compiling meaningful content to help you brew well and dive deeper into each offering.

When do I get my coffee?  

Coffee is roasted on the first Tuesday and sent out on the first Wednesday of each month

How do you choose which coffees are in the subscription?  

Our menu is always rotating and seasonal. We aim to select coffees of varying flavour profiles, with one special coffee that tends to be more coveted, rare, or experimental.

How do gift subscriptions work?  

Gift subscriptions are pre-paid. Once purchased, coffee is delivered to the recipient once a month for the purchased duration of either 3 or 6 months. You will not be charged after the first purchase.  

If the recipient would like to continue receiving coffee, they can use an account to add their own payment information.

Which coffees do I get if I order a specific number of bags?  

For espresso, we choose one coffee each month to ensure subscribers have enough to dial in.

For filter subscriptions, while every coffee is fantastic, the rarer coffees are saved for the third slot, so only subscribers with 3 or more bags receive it.

If our three coffees are coffee A, B and C:

2 bags: Coffees A and B  

3 bags: Coffees A, B and C

4 bags: 2x coffee A , 1x B, 1x C

5 bags: 2x A, 2x B, and 1x C

6 bags: 2x A, 2x B, 2x C