Join us as we source and roast some of the most beautiful, transparent, complex coffees we can find.

Each month, we source 3 exciting coffees to feature in our subscriptions boxes. Already in? Scroll down for this month's producers, tailored home brew recipes, and the month's featured video.  

this month's featured


March marks the return of one of our favourite Nariño producers, Frank Torres. This month we're featuring Frank's honey processed caturra in both our espresso and filter packs. Frank has been instrumental as both a producer and hired agronomist setting the bar for quality production in Nariño for two of our importers: shared source and Apex.

For our second offering, our first Peru release of the season and a new relationship through Apex: Jhony Saavedra. Jhony's coffee stood out for us on the cupping table for striking that great balance between deeper notes like rootbeer and nougat, and brighter fruit and florals. We've been anticipating better coffee every year from Peru amidst increasing infrastructure and deeper relationships: we think Jhony's coffee is a good example of what's to come.  

The last coffee this month is a special one.   We had bought Ricaurte's coffee before Jamal and Giuliano set off to Colombia with our importing partner the Coffee Quest,   and they had no idea they were on their way to Ricaurte's farm; incredibly fortunate considering it was one of the most exciting cups we had tasted in a while. This is one of the few coffees we've carried that has been inoculated with commercial yeast.   Standing in opposition to the funk and ferment associated with advertised fermentation experiments, Ricaurte's coffee is super clean and expressive.  

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Having fancy coffee equipment at the roastery is great, but we think it's also important to taste our coffee the way it will be brewed at home. For that reason, we test each subscription coffee on a home brew setup, grinding on a Baratza Encore* and brewing with a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and a Ratio drip brewer. Below are the recipes we've found as a result: simply click through to see different brew recipe cards for each coffee.   

*All grinders end up being calibrated slightly differently so that even the same grinder model, unit to unit, will have discrepencies. Use these grinds as a guide so that if you are able to dial in one of the coffees, the others will be a breeze.

this month's