Join us as we source and roast some of the most beautiful, transparent, complex coffees we can find.

Each month, we source 3 exciting coffees to feature in our subscriptions boxes. Already in? Scroll down for this month's producers, tailored home brew recipes, and the month's featured video.  


this month's featured


Late fall brings us to the final releases from Ethiopia and some of Colombia's later harveting micro climates.

Coffee #1 in this month's subscription will be a familiar name to those who have subscribed for more than a year. We've said it many times now but for washed coffee, Sidama constantly blows us away with lots showing clarity, complexity and structure.   Bombe Abore, from the amazing Daye Bensa, is no different.   contrasting with some of our other washed releases this year, Bombe shows more honey, lemon tea, and yellow plum.

The second coffee is a special one: a stunning washed Chiroso from Yenser Uran in Antioquia—a rare variety from a lesser known Colombian growing region.. As close to Ethiopian flavours as you can get, Yenser's coffee shows loads of florality and stone fruit putting on display Chiroso's Ethiopian landrace genetics. It's a more nuanced and delicate followup to our previous Chiroso release from Ivan Montoya.   Yenser's coffee is also the espresso this month and makes a beautiful shot!  

Lastly, this has been an amazing year for Mexican coffees. We've known about the potential for Mexican specialty for some time and, despite the immense challenges in growing, seperating, and shipping specialty out of Mexico, we think we're seeing that potential come to fruitiion. Adonaís coffee is comforting and sweet but not lacking complexity—it shows loads of chocolate wiht sweet cola and some dried stone fruit ,

We hope you enjoy!

*Hover over the image to see each coffee's specifications or head to the product page for even more info*

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We think it's also important to taste our coffee the way it will be brewed at home. For that reason, we test each subscription coffee on a home brew setup*.   Recipes are built with a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and a Ratio drip brewer. Below are the recipes we've found as a result: simply click through to see different brew recipe cards for each coffee. We now include two espresso recipes as well — check out the card below.  

*All grinders end up being calibrated slightly differently so that even the same grinder model, unit to unit, will have discrepencies. We've put the grind we found on the EK43, the number alone won't be very useful but you can use the relative grind size so that if you are able to dial in one of the coffees, the others will be a breeze. Higher numbers are coarser, lower numbers are finer.

Some brewing notes this month: since we're full swing into Ethiopian coffee season, you may notice you have to go quite a bit coarser on those coffees! What does that mean? On an encore or hand grinder, that may mean 2-4 clicks or more. Don't hesitate to go coarser until all of that complexity and delicacy starts to show. If your brews taste dull/ lack flavour, you've gone too coarse.  

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