This month marks an exciting time of the season for us. Fresh crop Colombians from Huila and Nariño have begun to land just as we (on a less exciting note) say goodbye to the last of this season's Kenyans.

We're starting off our Colombian season and our 2023 subscriptions with two returning producers. First up is Alirio Ortega's lovely Pink Bourbon lot from Huila. This was one of our favourite coffees back in 2021 and we were saddened to hear that it wasn't separated last season. Luckily, this year our importing partner had his coffee separated and we were very happy to purchase one of his full Pink Bourbon micro-lots. This year's production is just as juicy, sweet and fruity as it was two years.

For coffee number two we have Fabian Urbano's honey processed Caturra from his farm El Yunguillo in Aponte, Nariño. This was a standout coffee last year and Fabian delivered again this time around with a coffee full of tropical fruit sweetness and a vibrant lift. As our first Nariño of the season we couldn't be more excited to welcome Fabian's coffee back to the menu.

February also marks the end of our Kenyan season. Our final Kenyan release on filter from the 2021/2022 harvest is Kianyangi AA. We brought this coffee in way back in 2020, in fact it was one of our first two Kenyans ever. We rarely bring in coffee from the Embu region but when we cupped the pre-shipment samples of this lot we were blown away and knew we had to bring it back. We get a classic, full-bodied Kenyan profile full of dak fruit and hibiscus.

*Hover over the image to see each coffee's specifications or head to the product page for even more info*

Having fancy coffee equipment at the roastery is great, but we think it's also important to taste our coffee the way it will be brewed at home. For that reason, we test each subscription coffee on a home brew setup, grinding on a Baratza Encore* and brewing with a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and a Ratio drip brewer. Below are the recipes we've found as a result: simply click through to see different brew recipe cards for each coffee.   

*All grinders end up being calibrated slightly differently so that even the same grinder model, unit to unit, will have discrepencies. Use these grinds as a guide so that if you are able to dial in one of the coffees, the others will be a breeze.