Below is a video brew guide and a written, step-by-step instructional on brewing with the Kalita Wave.

We recommend using the Kalita 155 (smaller size) over the 185 which we find is more prone to clogging and bypass (water going around the coffee instead of through it).  


14 grams of coffee ground medium. Try grinding a bit coarser than you would grind a V60.


235 grams of water, right off boil.

~17:1 ratio of water to coffee


Kalita Wave 155, Kalita 155 paper filter, Scale, TImer, Kettle, Brew vessel, Burr Grinder


First, put your kettle on and grind your coffee. Rinse the filter in your kalita and discard the rinse water before adding your coffee.


Next, pour 50g (or ~3x your coffee weight in water)  making sure to saturate all the grinds evenly.


At 45 seconds, pour 50g of water within approx 10s.  

Wait 10 seconds and pour another 50g.  

Wait another 10 seconds and pour another 50g.  

After another 10 seconds, add your final 35g.


Your brew should take between 2:30 and 3:10. Stir your coffee, pour, and taste your mastery of pouring concentric circles.  

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  • We generally recommend not using more than 16g of coffee in the Kalita Wave. If you'd like to use 16g, try pouring closer to 270g of water.
  • Use a slow-flow gooseneck kettle for best results
  • Filtered water makes a huge difference!
  • If your coffee is fresh, extend the bloom by 10 seconds.


  • If you find that your coffee tastes sour, under-extracted, or lacks flavour, try grinding finer.
  • If, on the the other hand, your coffee tastes too bitter, try grinding coarser. Adjust your grind until you have a sweet, balanced and delicious cup.
  • Your bed should be even and flat with few grinds hanging "high and dry" along the filter walls and no humps/divots. If this isn't the case, try the following:
    • work on pouring slower and more evenly across the brew bed.
    • Rotate the brewer 1/4 turn between pours
    • spin the brewer gently after each pour

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