Join us as we source and roast some of the most beautiful, transparent, complex coffees we can find.

Each month, we source 3 exciting coffees to feature in our subscriptions boxes. Already in? Scroll down for this month's producers, tailored home brew recipes, and the month's featured video.  

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This month we're bringing you a diverse set of coffees with different origin countries, varieties, and processing, yet all expressing variations of clean sparkling fruit.  

Adelino Urbano, from his farm Finca La Reina in Nariño, demonstrates the fantastic contemporary potential of hybrid varieties. Even a few years ago it was exceedingly rare to get castillo and cenicafe tasting like this.  

A shining star of the year so far, Gakenke is doing the heavy lifting of making up for last year where we didn't receive a single Burundi coffee.   This red bourbon is everything we want out of a washed Burundi: exceedingly sweet, articulate, sparkling, yet unmistakably from Burundi.  

Lastly, a wonderful natural processed caturra from Melania Cueva in Loja Ecuador. In a time when even plain natural coffees are tasting exceedingly funky, Melania's attention to detail and restraint have resulted in a cup that expresses some of the intensity of a natural without sacrificing terroir and varietal expression.

*Hover over the image to see each coffee's specifications or head to the product page for even more info*

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Having fancy coffee equipment at the roastery is great, but we think it's also important to taste our coffee the way it will be brewed at home. For that reason, we test each subscription coffee on a home brew setup, grinding on a Baratza Encore* and brewing with a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and a Ratio drip brewer. Below are the recipes we've found as a result: simply click through to see different brew recipe cards for each coffee.   

*All grinders end up being calibrated slightly differently so that even the same grinder model, unit to unit, will have discrepencies. Use these grinds as a guide so that if you are able to dial in one of the coffees, the others will be a breeze.

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