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Inspired by the incredible diversity of flavour in coffee, our role is to foreground the work done before ours, producing coffees representative of place, of labour, and of caring people tending to land, craft, and community.  

Conceiving of coffee as agriculture means acknowledging coffee's seasonality. Login to explore what's recently arrived.  

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Our Coffee Approach

Great human activity is necessarily bound to the quality of human partnerships. We seek café and retail partners who share our values of quality, equity, and transparency.

We work with our wholesale partners to ensure their teams and clients are taken care of. Our small team of uniquely qualified coffee professionals is deeply skilled in recipe building, program building, maintenance, design, photography, and cafe setup, design and layout.  

The coffee fruit is a humbling and inspiring storehouse of potential flavour and aroma. Consciously building a variegated menu based on the season, we curate a portfolio of single origin offerings that range from chocolaty, nutty, round, and balanced, to vibrant, loud, fruity and impressionable.   We believe that when you are sourcing quality coffee, there are nearly no limits to the flavours that can be presented. Offering single-origin-only means no hiding poor quality coffees in blends, never hiding what's in our coffee, staying accountable to our sourcing values, and always acknowledging those that have worked to bring a coffee to existence.


Our roasting style is lighter but intentionally balanced, ensuring that coffees are regionally expressive and vibrant without being overly acidic or astringent.  

We supplement the experience of our collective pallets with rigorous quality control protocols, including collecting/ following multiple temperature control points during roasting; colour tracking every batch of coffee; solubility testing of roasts; constant blind tasting of each batch alongside other roasters' coffees; and testing batches not only cupped, but across multiple brew methods.

Having run cafés in various neighbourhoods and with roasters around the world, we are committed to develop and uphold the best practices to help guarantee the success of partner cafés.  

For any further inquiries, reach out anytime to or fill click the button below to apply for a wholesale account.